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Client-focused network optimization

Ambeent delivers agile, data-driven solutions for simple and reliable digital experiences while helping organizations improve the performance of their infrastructure and plan resources more effectively by implementing changes that lead to greater efficiency, cost savings and enhanced user experience.

Ambeent’s solutions benefit end-users in various deployment scenarios and can be customized to meet the strategic objectives of organizations operating in a wide range of industries, including Internet Service Providers, consumers, enterprises (on-premise and remote work), hospitality, retail, smart cities, large venues, healthcare, governments and manufacturing.


Easy-to-view, customizable console that helps organizations meet their strategic objectives

The VISIBEEL Console is customized to meet the strategic objectives of different organizations (ISP networks, Work-From-Home and on-premise enterprises, healthcare, etc.). Like this, actionable insights can be generated for future network planning and resource optimization based on historical data analytics.

Customized tests to enhance team collaboration and powerful video-calling experiences prior to important events

    VISIBEEL provides on-demand tests to help network teams manage or tune network infrastructure for better WLAN/WAN performance so as to avoid congestion and support connectivity during specific events and utilize network resources efficiently. All tests can also be tuned to meet the specific requirements of meetings or applications.

    Run a synthetic test a few minutes prior to an important Zoom meeting in order to collect detailed metrics and gain insights about the network (e.g. bandwidth, latency, the number of users able to attend a meeting, average throughput or MOS rate, etc.). View recommendations on how to improve performance and user experience.

Service-level targeting with customized QoE and performance thresholds

    VISIBEEL includes a service-level target wizard available to ISPs, enterprises and end-users.

    Tune QoE and performance thresholds such as throughput, end-to-end latency, RSSI, jitter, packet loss rate, buffer ratio, video/audio bitrate, etc., according to your specific needs. Learn whether your targets are met within a set time frame for various applications and services and for individual subscribers or employees, or specific groups of subscribers and employees, either in a given region or for all subscribers.

    Manage video and voice applications with app-specific thresholds, for instance by establishing different throughput and end-to-end latency targets for video-conferencing, streaming, background data, etc.

Open API

    The VISIBEEL Console is provided as open APIs, either partially or in its entirety, for clients seeking programmatic access. In this way, end-users, enterprises and service providers can modify or tune the SDK according to their specific needs.