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Ambeent AI





Unlocking the true potential of spectrum for high performing networks and exceptional digital experiences

Today, we are monitoring and optimizing more than 1 million Wi-Fi points and growing.

Solutions Offered

High quality, reliable Wi-Fi is essential for home-users’ life and work and for the profitability of organizations of all types and sizes. Ambeent delivers the agile, data-driven solutions that your organization needs. We are here to enhance digital experiences, improve end-to-end network performance and add value to your business. If you use Wi-Fi and have a mobile application, Ambeent has a solution for you.

An All-in-One Platform

The Ambeent Platform combines real-time and proactive digital experience and network monitoring with the industry’s first Wi-Fi spectrum optimization technology.

2 to 4 weeks integration time. Return in less than 6 months.

Automatic Spectrum Management and Optimization

  • Baseline Wi-Fi performance improvement by 80-100%
  • Dynamic and precise channel allocation through cross-correlation of numerous parameters e.g. an end-user’s location, application-based consumption rates, access point (AP) model and capabilities, condition of neighboring APs, etc.
  • Optimum performance outcomes for each user device in the home
  • Automatic reconfiguration of access points to reduce customer complaints
  • Optimal access point placement for best coverage
  • Access point and service provider agnostic

High-Quality User Experience

  • Granular and customized DEM through handling different types of applications, services and infrastructure for different types of clients
  • Proactive and real-time QoE scoring and alerts for applications, services, infrastructure and devices
  • All-in-one experience Console
  • Real-time packet tracing and analytics
  • Ad-hoc communication system for increased coverage

Network Tests

  • End-to-end visibility across device, infrastructure, network and app domains
  • Comprehensive data analysis of device, infrastructure and network elements with different deployment models
  • Highly correlated cross-domain metrics
  • Automated testing to baseline and improve performance
  • Prediction to resolve incidents before they impact QoE
  • Odd-behavior analysis across device, infrastructure and network domains
  • Proactive and real-time alerts and resolution of issues
  • On-demand testing for multimedia applications prior to critical events
  • IoT device analysis

Optimal Network Planning

  • Right-sized infrastructure deployment
  • AP positioning for maximum coverage
  • Work style-based capability prediction
  • Increased operational efficiency by minimizing infrastructure costs without compromising performance