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Connect everything and minimize glitches

Manufacturing processes depend on secure and reliable connectivity. Modern factories are increasingly complex environments in which the vast majority of production processes are digitized. Delays or reductions in connections lower the productivity of manufacturing processes.

VISIBEEL network analytics deliver visibility and control over your connected devices, along with a unique toolkit for fault or incident management and resolution.

Full visibility into Wi-Fi-enabled devices on your network

    VISIBEEL collects data from all your connected devices (Industrial IoT, automated robots and unmanned vehicles, VoIP phones, scanners, etc.) through the Wi-Fi network, thereby providing critical information on device health and performance which is used to provide key insights into the root cause of delays and further issues that may arise in production processes.

Monitor infrastructure, network and device health

    VISIBEEL monitoring empowers you to manage different types of applications, services and infrastructure with easy-to-view consoles. VISIBEEL monitors both wireless and wired connected devices in detail and analyzes their impact on the network environment so as to improve performance. Network, infrastructure and device issues are predicted with synthetic tests before your operations can be affected, and a ticket brings them to the attention of your network teams, along with potential troubleshooting guidelines.

Detect and resolve security and performance issues

    VISIBEEL monitors your network traffic through periodic synthetic tests and reports security and performance issues (e.g. devices that experience failed connections, cyber-attacks, the existence of rogue data, unusual bandwidth consumption, coverage or interference issues, etc.). Prior to an incident, or when an incident occurs, your network teams are issued with a ticket which includes predetermined guidelines to resolve issues. For instance, end-to-end latency can be reduced through autonomous device or infrastructure management.

Cost and performance-centric proactive network planning

    VISIBEEL creates network and infrastructure visibility in order to monitor traffic trends and predict congestion points throughout your site. We collect and analyze device usage and movement patterns across your enterprise’s locations and combine these data with your specific requirements and hourly or daily activities to help you plan your network.

Backup and recovery

    Ambeent provides cloud services to manufacturers seeking backups of key historical data on network and infrastructure elements, such as historical data pertaining to infrastructure, past traffic flow and consumption, earlier network diagnoses, and processes, etc.). Depending on clients’ needs, backups can be updated on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis, which is crucial for recovering data following an incident such as, for instance, a network security threat.

Instant deployment, device-agnostic

    Ambeent’s solutions are fully vendor agnostic. They are not dependent on end-user hardware and can interoperate with all types of devices, access points and industry standard platforms. VISIBEEL endpoint agents are deployed via our patented SaaS application that is installed on the end-user device, from where they are linked to the VISIBEEL web portal and instantly provide your IT teams with visibility. Integrate the Ambeent SDK into an application owned by your organization, or have your subscribers download the Ambeent App on mobile devices through Google Play or Apple App Store, or on desktops. Deploy browser-based plugins on desktops or laptops to monitor application performance of end-users in real-time.