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First time radio frequency spectrum is agnostically coordinated to reach all service provider networks simultaneously

SMART-WIFI is a cutting-edge solution to radio frequency interference problems in Wi-Fi networks, which is available to service providers, enterprises and end-users.

Patented technologies underlying SMART-WIFI enable smart and dynamic channel allocation to respond instantly to interference from nearby wireless networks and devices, thereby substantially improving Wi-Fi performance and QoE.

Clients can either integrate the Ambeent SDK into an application owned by their organization, or download the Ambeent App on mobile devices through Google Play or Apple App Store, or on desktops. SMART-WIFI is fully vendor agnostic. It is not dependent on end-user hardware and interoperates with all types of devices, access points and standard industry platforms.

Enhance customer experience and satisfaction

Enhance customer experience and satisfaction

80 % -100% improvement in baseline Wi-Fi performance

Reduce operational costs

Reduce operational costs

25% drop in service calls with spectrum management and automatic access point configuration

Smarter Wi-Fi

Smarter Wi-Fi

Optimal Wi-Fi performance outcomes regionally and for each individual user device in the home

Optimal Wi-Fi performance with dynamic channel management based on aggregated data and user location

The Ambeent App/SDK installed on an end-user device scans channel conditions in a given environment, as opposed to relying on a centralized gateway (i.e. access point) to make channel assignment decisions. Various parameters (an end-user’s location, application-based consumption rates, access point (AP) model and capabilities, condition of neighboring APs, transmission power, load balancing, and varying backhaul capacities) are cross-correlated to achieve optimal channel allocation. By taking into account end-user usage patterns and requirements of all Wi-Fi access points in a given cluster, channel assignments are made significantly more precise and dynamic. Ambeent’s optimization system creates a relational aggregated graph to construct AP-to-AP and AP-to-device relations, which provides a thorough view of the wireless network that is utilized for superior optimization.

For example, a user utilizing channel X who walks to the kitchen, where their neighbor also utilizes channel X, will have their device moved to another channel by the algorithm. Wi-Fi performance outcomes are optimized regionally, and for each individual user device in the home, by rationalizing the quality of local Wi-Fi traffic that takes into account end-user usage patterns.

Application-adjusted channel management

The need to allocate channels according to session types becomes inevitable when too many neighbors use the available non-overlapping channels densely. For instance, a 4K TV streaming video or collaboration application commands different throughput and latency needs than web browsing or email activity.

SMART-WIFI algorithms give priority access to clean channels to applications requiring high throughput, thereby resulting in better overall QoE.

Wi-Fi interference issues are fixed without manual intervention

SMART-WIFI delivers the industry’s first patented technology that enables end-user devices to communicate with access points and change channels without manual intervention. The system continuously monitors the radio frequency environment and channel conditions, fixing interference issues automatically before end-users or network teams become aware of their existence.

One-click solution for in-home Wi-Fi problems

The Ambeent App and its End-User Console is directly available to consumers to provide them with crucial knowledge about their in-home networks.

Consumers can monitor their traffic flow at all times, including the applications used, application-based consumption rates, latency values, and all other QoS/QoE metrics obtained through their in-home Wi-Fi infrastructure, and instantly optimize in-home Wi-Fi performance with a single click.

SMART-WIFI acts as the first line of resolution of home Wi-Fi problems, thereby relieving service providers by decreasing the number and duration of consumers’ service calls.

Prioritize applications critical for business

SMART-WIFI includes a prioritization tool to prevent interruptions or reductions in connections that stem from multiple users’ Internet usage at the same location. End-users can set preferences for bandwidth distribution and sharing on the Ambeent App to ensure continuous, uninterrupted internet connections for all devices/apps at the same location. For instance, for remote workers who need to share Wi-Fi connections with other household members, more bandwidth can be allocated for an important Zoom/Teams/Meet meeting while the download speed of a file can be reduced for the duration of that meeting. Like this, traffic flow is scheduled optimally with respect to the remote worker’s computer and location in the house.