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Bring order to your high-density network environments

Wi-Fi networks at large venues such as shopping malls, stadiums, airports, concert halls, etc. must be reliable and stable for both venue owners and their customers. Wi-Fi performance is key to customer satisfaction. However, due to the high-density nature of these venues, where a large number of Wi-Fi devices and users connect simultaneously, these are challenging environments in which to implement Wi-Fi networks.

Moreover in venues such as airports and shopping malls, vendors’ stores may use a variety of access points from different vendors, many of which do not interoperate with each other; even the use of controllers remains problematic here, for these only control the same vendor access points. This contributes to over-crowding the radio frequency environment, thereby precipitating the need to provide a degree of order to networks competing for airtime on overlapping channels.

Spectrum management to minimize congestion and interference

    VISIBEEL is a device-agnostic solution specifically designed for high-density Wi-Fi environments, increasing the connectivity of mobile devices as people move through such spaces. Dynamic and precise usage information collected from user devices allows for smart band/radio steering in order to minimize congestion and interference. VISIBEEL acts as a broker between numerous Wi-Fi networks under diverse ownership, managing the spectrum and transmitting power allocation by employing heat maps of users’ devices. Optimization algorithms continuously adjust to this fluctuating environment and bring order to radio frequency in a chaotic and unpredictable environment.

Use customer footfall traffic to increase sales

    Guest Wi-Fi provides you with the opportunity to acquire customer insights from your Wi-Fi network, including footfall traffic. VISIBEEL captures movements of visitors in your venue, thereby revealing customer preferences and empowering your marketing and sales strategies. It can also be used to assist customers with venue navigation, timely information and alerts, as well as providing a more personalized experience.

Smooth transition between network interfaces for optimal Guest Wi-Fi connectivity

    VISIBEEL ensures that mobile device connectivity is not negatively affected as people move around large venues. Ambeent’s access point rating system enables mobile devices to connect to the access point that provides them with the best connection. Moreover, end-users can receive alerts on the Ambeent App (or an application owned by your organization with the Ambeent SDK) on when to switch between cellular and Wi-Fi networks, based on their level of experience.

Plan your network infrastructure

    VISIBEEL monitors and analyzes end-user usage and movement patterns including the density of usage in specific spaces, the locations in which users connect the most or least, the duration of their connectivity, whether or not they use high bandwidth, the type of network interface used (i.e. the access point to which they connect, or whether the connection is to Wi-Fi or cellular networks), etc. Information remains anonymous and is used to create density maps of network usage patterns in specific areas in order to predict network demand. VISIBEEL can provide valuable information for network infrastructure planning, including the required number of access points and their optimal placement within a given location. Increase operational efficiency by minimizing costs without compromising performance.

Build internal technology competence with IT operations insights

    VISIBEEL allows your IT teams to collect all relevant data in your Wi-Fi environment, thereby providing an end-to-end service overview. Ambeent evaluation reports analyze digital experiences and networks and enable your managers to control an entire system easily, for instance in stadiums, warehouses and shopping malls, in order to optimize network capacity planning.

Instant deployment, device-agnostic

    Ambeent’s solutions are fully vendor agnostic. They are not dependent on end-user hardware and can interoperate with all types of devices, access points and industry standard platforms. VISIBEEL endpoint agents are deployed via our patented SaaS application that is installed on the end-user device, from where they are linked to the VISIBEEL web portal and instantly provide your IT teams with visibility. Integrate the Ambeent SDK into an application owned by your organization, or have your subscribers download the Ambeent App on mobile devices through Google Play or Apple App Store, or on desktops. Deploy browser-based plugins on desktops or laptops to monitor application performance of end-users in real-time.