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Satisfy customers, reduce costs and increase revenue streams

In today’s world, Wi-Fi networks are a necessity of life and work for home users, and good user experience lies at the heart of competition between home broadband providers. However, high quality and reliable broadband user experience is hampered by Wi-Fi network quality, with service providers faced by endless subscriber complaint calls, high customer churn and low average revenue per user (ARPU).

Ambeent delivers a comprehensive toolkit designed specifically for service providers to be able to monitor and enhance the digital experiences of subscribers and enterprise customers by focusing on issue management and resolution for Quality of Experience (QoE) optimized service delivery. Keep your customers satisfied, reduce operational costs, and increase revenue streams with new value-added service offerings.

See and understand the performance of your IT operations

    Wi-Fi experiences are susceptible to a wide variety of potential glitches, including signal strength, neighbor interference, proliferation of connected devices, etc. As service providers, you are called upon to handle wireless deployment in complex, high density environments. This requires you to understand the performance of your services and to diagnose Wi-Fi-related issues by differentiating Wi-Fi-related degradation from other causes for poor customer experience.

    VISIBEEL provides a clear view of your subscribers’ network environment and digital experiences. Monitor traffic flow during peak times, the applications used by subscribers and QoS/QoE metrics obtained for a single subscriber, or all subscribers, either in a given region or globally through geolocation maps. View QoE score cards based on the daily or weekly performance for both individual subscribers and groups. Identify domain issues not only at the network level, but also at the level of infrastructure, device or SaaS application through VISIBEEL synthetic tests. Reveal how performance issues impact QoE metrics per hop/customer. VISIBEEL predicts potential network, infrastructure, or device issues before your subscribers are affected, and brings such issues to the attention of your network teams via a ticket that includes appropriate troubleshooting guidelines.

Eliminate poor QoE with Wi-Fi optimization

    Signal interference from nearby devices and wireless networks disrupts in-home WiFi performance, leading to slow connections, high latency, frequent disconnects, and even the threat of an inaccessible Wi-Fi signal. Continuously monitors your subscribers’ radio frequency environment and channel conditions and fixes interference problems by improving your subscribers’ baseline Wi-Fi performance by 80%-100%. Either select the automatic optimization option or send alerts to subscribers to optimize customers’ Wi-Fi performance before their QoE is affected. Resolve interference-related issues in wireless networks and devices automatically before end-users are impacted.

Decrease the number/duration of service calls with quick tips

    VISIBEEL Console includes actionable recommendations provided in straightforward English that can be transmitted to your subscribers for high-performing Wi-Fi, for instance, a request to change the position of an AP, an alert in case CPU, RAM and bandwidth thresholds are exceeded, or a warning regarding insufficient throughput for multimedia applications at certain times of the day.

Swift installation of the home gateway

    During home gateway installation technicians are frequently blind to the immediate RF environment, which often leads to expensive repeat truck rolls. VISIBEEL saves time and money by empowering your network teams to assess deployment requirements, including monitoring the RF environment, and to coordinate technicians and customers for a swift and successful installation of the home gateway.

Customer complaint monitoring and prediction

    VISIBEEL monitors customer complaints over time and predicts complaints for both specific subscribers and groups of subscribers in a given region. In this way, your network teams can verify the existence of bandwidth and congestion issues in high-level network domains or in application heat maps on the VISIBEEL Console. You can manage or tune your network infrastructure for better performance outcomes, and your network teams can send proactive or real-time alerts to subscribers in order to reduce complaints and improve customer satisfaction.

End-point monitoring to support your enterprise clients for remote work

    In times of Covid-19 your enterprise clients face the daunting task of providing their remote workers with reliable connections for seamless audio, video and web-conferencing. However, in congested household environments remote workers are forced to share Wi-Fi connections with other household members, which interferes with business-critical tasks such as meetings, webinars, etc. With VISIBEEL you can support your enterprise clients by tracking and analyzing the Internet performance and connectivity of employees working from home.

Prioritization of business-critical applications

    VISIBEEL includes a prioritization tool to prevent interruptions or connection reductions that stem from multiple users’ Internet usage at the same location. Subscribers/enterprises can set preferences for bandwidth distribution and sharing, for instance by allocating more bandwidth to an important Zoom meeting while reducing the download speed of a file during the meeting. Traffic flow is scheduled optimally with respect to the end-user’s computer and location in a given location (i.e. home, office, etc). Similarly, the end-user is provided with an interference-free channel when carrying out business tasks.

Plan your resources and meet SLAs with evaluation reports

    Ambeent provides evaluation reports to help you assess your capacity and capabilities in improving the performance of your existing infrastructures and implementing the changes required to achieve greater efficiency, cost savings and enhanced user experience. Evaluation reports can be made to assess SLA performance data. Track the QoS agreed upon in your service-level agreements with user/enterprise customers so as to boost your customer-relationship management strategy, increase customer satisfaction and improve your brand.

Instant deployment, device-agnostic

    Ambeent’s solutions are fully vendor agnostic. They are not dependent on end-user hardware and can interoperate with all types of devices, access points and industry standard platforms. VISIBEEL endpoint agents are deployed via our patented SaaS application that is installed on the end-user device, from where they are linked to the VISIBEEL web portal and instantly provide your IT teams with visibility. Integrate the Ambeent SDK into an application owned by your organization, or have your subscribers download the Ambeent App on mobile devices through Google Play or Apple App Store, or on desktops. Deploy browser-based plugins on desktops or laptops to monitor application performance of end-users in real-time.