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One single platform for all essential service provider and enterprise network needs

VISIBEEL Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) delivers real-time and proactive monitoring at each level of the digital value chain (from the network and infrastructure level to the device and application level), providing actionable insights and dynamic solutions to enhance QoE/QoS. VISIBEEL differentiates itself from other digital experience-monitoring platforms by focusing on fault or incident management and resolution.

VISIBEEL’s Wi-Fi optimization tool SMART-WiFi is a cutting-edge solution to radio frequency interference problems in Wi-Fi networks, which is available to service providers, enterprises and end-users. Patented technologies underlying SMART-WiFi enable smart and dynamic channel allocation to respond instantly to interference from nearby wireless networks and devices, thereby substantially improving Wi-Fi performance and QoE.

The VISIBEEL Platform also provides a comprehensive network performance monitoring, diagnostic and optimization toolkit to help organizations achieve greater efficiency, cost savings and enhanced user experience.

For real-time end-user and network monitoring and optimization, clients can either integrate the Ambeent SDK into an application owned by their organization, or download the Ambeent App through Google Play or Apple App Store or on desktops. Browser-based plugins are available for desktops or laptops.

An All-in-One Platform

The Ambeent Platform combines real-time and proactive digital experience and network monitoring with the industry’s first device centric cloud native technology.

2 to 4 weeks integration time. Return in less than 6 months.

Automatic Spectrum Management and Optimization

  • Baseline Wi-Fi performance improvement by 80-100%
  • Dynamic and precise channel allocation through cross-correlation of numerous parameters e.g. an end-user’s location, application-based consumption rates, access point (AP) model and capabilities, condition of neighboring APs, etc.
  • Optimum performance outcomes for each user device in the home
  • Automatic reconfiguration of access points to reduce customer complaints
  • Optimal access point placement for best coverage
  • Access point and service provider agnostic

High-Quality User Experience

  • Granular and customized DEM through handling different types of applications, services and infrastructure for different types of clients
  • Proactive and real-time QoE scoring and alerts for applications, services, infrastructure and devices
  • All-in-one experience Console
  • Real-time packet tracing and analytics
  • Ad-hoc communication system for increased coverage

Network Tests

  • End-to-end visibility across device, infrastructure, network and app domains
  • Comprehensive data analysis of device, infrastructure and network elements with different deployment models
  • Highly correlated cross-domain metrics
  • Automated testing to baseline and improve performance
  • Prediction to resolve incidents before they impact QoE
  • Odd-behavior analysis across device, infrastructure and network domains
  • Proactive and real-time alerts and resolution of issues
  • On-demand testing for multimedia applications prior to critical events
  • IoT device analysis

Optimal Network Planning

  • Right-sized infrastructure deployment
  • AP positioning for maximum coverage
  • Work style-based capability prediction
  • Increased operational efficiency by minimizing infrastructure costs without compromising performance

Easy and instant deployment, device agnostic

  • Integrate the Ambeent SDK into an application owned by your organization, or download the Ambeent App on mobile devices through Google Play or Apple App Store, or desktops
  • Deploy browser-based plugins on desktops or laptops to monitor application performance of end-users in real-time

Ambeent Cloud for deep analytics

  • Draw together hundreds of data sources from end-points in the Ambeent Cloud for superior AI/ML analytics. Depending on client preference, cloud agents can be deployed in a client’s existing cloud platform to monitor their traffic
  • Monitor switches deployed by ISPs/operators to collect data on network traffic in a given region, which can be used to improve offloading and handover decisions between different carriers