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See and understand the digital experiences of your remote workers in real-time and prevent network downtime through active monitoring

The workplace has changed. What was once entirely within your control now lies outside physical corporate boundaries. Geographically distributed remote work setups depend on external technologies and third-party providers, which is a constellation that results in blind spots for IT teams responsible for delivering seamless digital experiences to your remote workers.

VISIBEEL digital experience monitoring gives you the necessary visibility and control over remote networks to operate a distributed workforce. See and understand the digital experiences of your remote workers in real-time and prevent network downtime through active monitoring.

Monitor remote workers’ digital experiences in real-time, boost multimedia performance with dynamic solutions

    VISIBEEL digital experience monitoring empowers you to manage different types of applications, services and infrastructure with easy-to-view consoles. Monitor the quality of digital experiences of either a single employee or a group of employees, along with the health of their Wi-Fi infrastructure, network and device in real-time. VISIBEEL also analyzes and manages video and voice applications in great detail. Improve QoE in multimedia applications with dynamic solutions that can be implemented manually or automatically, such as changing the channel, lowering the transmission rate of background traffic, tuning the bitrate/codec, or requesting the user to move closer to the AP.

Get your remote workers back on track with Wi-Fi optimization

    VISIBEEL continuously monitors your employees’ radio frequency environment and channel conditions, fixing interference problems to improve your employees’ baseline Wi-Fi performance by 80%-100% . Your network teams can send alerts to employees that ask them to click on the Ambeent App in order to optimize their Wi-Fi performance.

Measure and improve remote worker QoE with actionable recommendations

    VISIBEEL includes automated tests at pre-defined intervals to measure the performance of applications used by your remote workers from any location. You can baseline performance during different times or work hours and view hop-by-hop metrics to identify the domains in which issues occur, e.g. Wi-Fi infrastructure, device, ISP networks, SaaS application level, etc. Swiftly resolve problems or inform third-party providers (e.g. ISPs) in order to restore remote worker productivity rapidly. VISIBEEL includes actionable recommendations provided in straightforward English that can be transmitted to your employees, for instance by asking them to change the position of their AP to increase Wi-Fi performance, alerting them when their CPU, RAM and bandwidth thresholds are exceeded, or informing them that their throughput is not sufficient for running multimedia applications at certain times of the day.

Enhance team collaboration and powerful video-calling experiences prior to important events

    VISIBEEL includes on-demand testing to help your network teams manage or tune network infrastructure for better network performance during specific events, thereby avoiding congestion and supporting connectivity. Run a synthetic test 5 minutes before an important Zoom meeting to collect detailed metrics and gain insights about your remote employees’ network, and view recommendations on how to increase their performance and experience. Your network teams can send alerts to employees, for instance, asking them to limit the number of devices using the same network or to move closer to their AP, or advising them on whether or not to open their camera during a meeting. All tests can also be tuned to meet the specific requirements of particular meetings or applications.

Prioritize business-critical applications

    Remote workers often share Wi-Fi connections with other household members, which interferes with business-critical tasks such as meetings, webinars, etc. VISIBEEL includes a prioritization tool to prevent interruptions or connection reductions that stem from multiple users’ Internet usage at the same location. Remote workers can set preferences for bandwidth distribution and sharing, for instance allocating more bandwidth for an important Zoom meeting while reducing the download speed of a file during that meeting. Traffic flow is scheduled optimally with respect to remote workers’ computers and locations at home.

IT operation insights

    Ambeent’s evaluation reports analyze digital experiences and synthetic tests to provide you with key insights, and these reports can easily be shared with third-party providers such as ISPs to improve remote worker QoE.

Instant deployment, device-agnostic

    Ambeent’s solutions are fully vendor agnostic. They are not dependent on end-user hardware and can interoperate with all types of devices, access points and industry standard platforms. VISIBEEL endpoint agents are deployed via our patented SaaS application that is installed on the end-user device, from where they are linked to the VISIBEEL web portal and instantly provide your IT teams with visibility. Integrate the Ambeent SDK into an application owned by your organization, or have your subscribers download the Ambeent App on mobile devices through Google Play or Apple App Store, or on desktops. Deploy browser-based plugins on desktops or laptops to monitor application performance of end-users in real-time.