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Understand your network inside out — make timely interventions before digital breakdowns

VISIBEEL synthetic testing delivers end-to-end network monitoring and diagnostics to help baseline performance during different times or work hours across different locations, and to resolve issues before end-users are affected.

Odd behavior and security and performance issues are thoroughly monitored in continuous synthetic tests. On-demand testing allows network teams to manage or tune network infrastructure for better WLAN/WAN performance so as to avoid congestion and support connectivity prior to specific events.

End-to-end visibility

End-to-end visibility

Identify domains in which issues occur, e.g. device level, ISP networks, SaaS application level, etc., and how they impact QoE

Baseline performance

Baseline performance

Monitor baseline performance at different times/work hours and across different locations, and predict network or infrastructure issues before subscribers and employees are affected

Proactive and real-time alerts

Proactive and real-time alerts

Respond promptly to security and performance issues

Automated network/infrastructure tests from any location

Automated tests at pre-defined intervals measure the performance of subscribers’ or employees’ networks, devices and digital experiences so that performance can be baselined at different times or work hours, e.g. throughput, end-to-end latency, channel performance, interference rate, coverage issues and packet losses (both for WLAN and WAN).

Isolate deviations in the network path based on historical data and with TCP and ICMP-based network path tracing, including through BGP monitoring.

View hop-by-hop metrics to identify the domains in which issues occur, e.g. device level, ISP networks, SaaS application level, etc. Per-hop metrics also reveal how performance issues impact QoE.

Visualize problematic domains affecting end-user application performance across different locations. Network teams can filter traffic by source and destination so as to identify problem areas.

Predict network and infrastructure issues before subscribers or employees are affected. Issues are brought to the network team’s attention by way of a ticket which also contains potential troubleshooting guidelines.

Proactive and real-time alerts and solutions for odd user behavior and performance and security issues

    VISIBEEL monitors subscriber or employee network traffic through continuous synthetic tests and reports security and performance issues (e.g. cyber-attacks, the existence of rogue APs, unusual bandwidth consumption, coverage or interference issues, etc.) as well as its impact on QoE. Prior to an incident, or when the incident occurs, network teams are issued with a ticket which includes predetermined guidelines. For instance, when the VISIBEEL end-point agent detects a rogue AP, its location can be established; by anticipating the rogue AP’s impact on the network environment, algorithms decide on optimal RF channel assignment for end-users. The VISIBEEL end-point agent can subsequently automatically implement channel assignments to your access points. Network teams can also generate real-time alerts for subscribers and employees when CPU, RAM and bandwidth issues occur.

On-demand synthetic tests to enhance team collaboration and powerful video-calling experiences prior to important events

    VISIBEEL runs on-demand tests to help network teams manage or tune network infrastructure for better WLAN/WAN performance during specific events, allowing them to avoid congestion and utilize network resources efficiently while supporting connectivity. All tests can also be tuned to meet the specific requirements of particular meetings or applications.

    Run a synthetic test a few minutes before an important Zoom meeting to collect detailed metrics and gain insights about the network (e.g. bandwidth, latency, the number of users who can attend a meeting, average throughput or MOS rate, etc.)

    View recommendations on how to improve performance and experience. For on-premise networks, recommendations may include the addition of specific hardware, changing the positions of devices, etc. In the context of remote work, network teams can send alerts to employees, asking them, for instance, to limit the number of devices that use the same network, to move closer to their AP, or to advise them on camera usage during meetings.

IoT monitoring and analysis

    It is vital for synthetic tests to provide a comprehensive picture of a network environment, including all devices that operate within it. VISIBEEL end-point agents monitor and analyze the impact of IoT and other relay devices on the network environment so as to improve performance across all devices in the network, for instance, by achieving a more efficient utilization of channels.