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Profit by unlocking the potential of your network

The store of the future depends on robust Wi-Fi infrastructure that functions smoothly to support the delivery of the best business results. Seamless in-store connectivity has a positive impact on customer experience and significantly contributes to increasing customer loyalty and sales.

This includes the web of IoT devices, video cameras, sensors, smart tablets used by employees, as well as access to Guest Wi-Fi. It goes without saying that all of these components amount to a highly complex technology infrastructure.

Improve customer experience and employee engagement

    VISIBEEL Wi-Fi network monitoring empowers your IT teams to manage different types of applications, services and infrastructure, either for a single branch or for multiple branches, with easy-to-view consoles. Automated tests at pre-defined intervals measure the performance of your network and devices, as well as the digital experiences of customers and employees, so that you can baseline performance at different times or work hours, identify the root cause of problems that arise, automate remediation and reduce potential outages before customer experience is impacted. VISIBEEL thoroughly measures, optimizes and improves Wi-Fi with its unique toolkit that focuses on fault and incident management and resolution.

Monitor all connected devices to enhance Wi-Fi performance

    VISIBEEL monitors and analyzes the impact of all devices, including IoT devices, sensors, cameras, etc., on your network environment in order to improve performance across all devices within the network, for instance, by utilizing available channels more efficiently.

Use customer footfall traffic to optimize space management and increase sales

    Guest Wi-Fi provides you with the opportunity to acquire customer insights from your Wi-Fi network, including footfall traffic. VISIBEEL captures every movement of a shopper in the store, thereby revealing customer preferences and empowering your marketing and sales strategies. It can also be used to assist customers with store navigation, timely information and alerts, as well as providing a more personalized shopping experience.

Proactive and context-aware network infrastructure planning

    VISIBEEL monitors and analyzes end-users’ usage and movement patterns, including the number of users connected to a given access point, the distribution of users across various access points, the specific area from which end-users connect, etc. This information is combined with data based on network performance and digital experiences so as to determine wireless signal coverage and the distribution of interference for each floor, room or space in your store.

    The VISIBEEL Console includes heat maps that show the color-coded physical positions of deployed APs, and network teams can click on problematic areas (indicated in red) for diagnostic details in order to detect signal coverage holes and channel conflict domains quickly, including AP signal interference, channel quality, and other interference sources in the area. You can address interference and congestion issues ahead of time and obtain a clear view of the number of access points that are required, as well as their placement to guarantee high-performing Wi-Fi.

Build internal technology competence with insights from IT operations

    VISIBEEL allows your IT teams to collect all the relevant data in your WiFi environment, thereby providing an end-to-end service overview. Our evaluation reports that analyze DEM and synthetic test data allow your managers to control an entire system easily, for instance in large stores, warehouses, etc. Companies with distributed operations can identify and rank store performance in order to optimize network capacity-planning.

Instant deployment, device-agnostic

    Ambeent’s solutions are fully vendor agnostic. They are not dependent on end-user hardware and can interoperate with all types of devices, access points and industry standard platforms. VISIBEEL endpoint agents are deployed via our patented SaaS application that is installed on the end-user device, from where they are linked to the VISIBEEL web portal and instantly provide your IT teams with visibility. Integrate the Ambeent SDK into an application owned by your organization, or have your subscribers download the Ambeent App on mobile devices through Google Play or Apple App Store, or on desktops. Deploy browser-based plugins on desktops or laptops to monitor application performance of end-users in real-time.